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This Sunday we give thanks for the saints who have gone before us, for the saints still among us, and for the saints of God still to come. We give thanks for the examples of faithful living that the saints have given us as they navigated the stormy waters of life, and also for the faithful acts of service we are empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to do in our own seas. We give thanks, too, for the fullness of eternal life in which the saints of God who have gone before us now partake and which we have yet to fully enjoy.


This year we have between the two congregations many saints who have died this past year that we will remember in worship.  You are invited to name them so they can be remembered in worship and also as you wish to bring a picture of them to remember them visually this Sunday.


Pastor Jason


In a world filled with noise and empty words, God comes to us as stillness and silence, even to the point that wind ceases. Jesus walks over stormy waters to his disciples, entering their boat and being present with them despite their fears and doubts. 

The wind blows us powerfully, frighteningly, making even familiar places seem strange, stirring up the water to obscure our vision and make our journey fearful and slow. Even when we risk and screw up anyway, God’s hand is there to reach out and catch us.

God is not distant from our fears, but close to keep us safe.









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Welcome to the Gethsemane Lutheran Church. We hope this site will help you learn  about us.  We are a small, progressive faith community, within the Lutheran tradition, dedicated to ministry for and with older adults.  The transition from the world of work and career into the world of retirement is much more than the "shutting down" of a vocation.  These years are not about ending as much as they are about beginnings: new experiences, new challenges, and new opportunities.  Together, through worship, music, education, fellowship, and service we explore this wonderland of possibilities.  "We hope you will join us.  We would love to welcome you to Gethsemane Lutheran Church.



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A Reforming Church







By: Frank Espegren

500 years ago, a movement that changed the course of the Church and all of Western Civilization was just beginning to gain steam! The Reformation, as it later came to be called, traces its deepest roots back to Germany - Wittenberg, to be exact, which, at the end of the Middle Ages, was a sleepy University city.

You might think the question is, “What was in Wittenberg that sparked the Reformation?” However, the question really isn’t “what,” but “who?”  The answer to “who?” - an insistent and unsettled Augustinian monk and university professor named Martin Luther, who, much to his surprise, found the teachings and programs of the Church impeding his understanding of just how gracious and loving God was, and just how much Jesus Christ had done to save him. 

Luther could not, and did not, abide these impediments, for it was not in Luther’s personality to just “grin and bear it.” So as the narrative goes, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther pounded 95 Theses on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg – matters that he wanted discussed and redressed, not for the sake of argument, but for the well-being of the Church, its people – the Reformation was on!

It took one individual speaking up in a bold way. Later, as his conflict with the Church reached its zenith, Martin Luther famously held the line. When asked to retract the Biblically-supported theological positions he had taken with which the Church took issue, Luther famously said, “Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God.”

But it took more than Luther. It also took a recognition that times were changing with regard to authority. It took bold lay leaders, like Philip Melanchthon, who many say was as responsible for the Reformation occurring as was Luther. It took changing communications patterns – the printing press allowed the Reformers’ thinking to go viral, at least as viral as pen and ink would allow. It took politicians and government leaders creating, or at least allowing, a culture and environment where minority position voices could survive, literally, and be heard.

But mostly, what I think about the Reformation is this: it may be 500 years old, but “reforming” the Church is as important and relevant today as it was 500 years ago in 1517. The real question as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is this – what needs changing, adapting, correcting today. In short, what needs to be “re-membered;” taking and using the very best of our “Lutheran” tradition, while not neglecting what the Holy Spirit urges that we draw from today? All to better discern God’s will, live faithfully, and be of service to neighbor!

The Reformation is a big deal – not just historically, but especially because it lives on. We are a Reforming Church, and that is one of the best things about being “Lutheran!”



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